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An efficient, reliable, cost effective and environment friendly electric power system is very crucial especially for the growth of any developing country. This can be addressed by increasing the energy generation capacity, focusing on renewable energy as well as increasing the efficiency of electrical network. But prior to that there is a constant need to address the complexity of the Duck Curve. Esyasoft’s Analytics platform with renewable energy forecasting module delivers energy forecasts with high accuracy. This empowers utilities to engage in estimating energy supply to minimize the gap between supply & demand of electricity to achieve economic and social goals.

The popularity of rooftop solar panels is growing among the consumers but the challenge is to successfully integrate it with the grid. The concept of net metering works as an incentive for both – the supplier and the consumer. Building loads (lights, fans, appliance) first consumes the generated power from solar rooftop and the residual power is shared with the grid. With accurate forecast of solar energy generation, the utility takes the driving seat in the integration process and hence can plan the energy distribution accordingly.

The scope of renewable energy has tremendously increased and wind energy forms a major part of it. Acres of lands are being converted into energy hubs and MWs of energy is being generated on regular basis. However, this generation is largely dependent on wind speed around the site area. We use sophisticated statistical models to accurately forecast the amount of electrical energy that will be produced.

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