Integrated Smart Grid Suite

Esyasoft’s Integrated Smart Grid Suite is a cloud integration platform combining application with data integration. It enables the development, execution and governance of integration workflows for on-premise or cloud-based applications. A holistic platform which embraces the latest technologies, it allows two-way communication between utilities and consumers. It is built on a broad range of native connectivity, a robust API framework, Meter Data Management, predictive analytics, data quality and security.

Smart Grid solutions deployed by Esyasoft

  • Smart Metering- AMI
  • Distribution Automation
  • Demand Response & Management
  • Analytics & Visualiization
  • Load Management & Balancing
  • Load Forecasting
  • Feeder Fault Management
  • Outage Monitoring
  • Transformer Condition Monitoring
  • Renewable Integration: net Metering
Esyasoft's Smart Grid

Analytics Framework

Meter Data Visualization, Energy Audit & Accounting consumption profiling

Short Medium &
Long Term
Load Forecasting

Consumer Profiling, Time of Use, Modeling, Demand Response

Peak Load Modelling, Load Balancing

Asset Failure Analytics, Alarm Analytics, Work Force optimization

Volt VAR Control & Optimization, Spectrum Analysis Harmonics

SCADA - Data Analytics, Fault Management, Outage Management

Intelligent & Flexible Analytics Platform for Smart Grid

A unified visualization, analytics, data management, reporting & prediction solution

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