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Esyasoft is a Products & Solutions company delivering utility grid modernization through a suite of SaaS based technology and analytics applications. Enabling IoT for Distribution Utilities, Esyasoft has integrated its software products with major Smart Grid system integrators and is well positioned to capitalize on the global smart grid market.

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Esyasoft is recognized in the 2020 Gartner Market guide for Meter Data Management.

Why Esyasoft

esyasoft technology

to 2 Million+

Working with
leading System

Powering the
largest smart grid
deployment in India

Implemented the
first smart grid
project in India

Integrated with
the leading
utility systems

AMI Deployment
in India

increased revenue over a comparable 10 month period

Smart Meter Deployment in a utility in North India
saw Aggregated Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses fall by 28.9%

Outage Minutes Saved

Distribution Substation Monitoring in a Utility in South India
Esyasoft’s Analytics platform helped the Utility identify overloaded transformers.

increase in Utility Efficiency

Revenue Management for a Utility in North India
Esyasoft’s technology based solution improved the overall efficiency. Web & Mobile solutions deployed for 830 Thousand consumers across 7 divisions.

Potential COVID-19 impacts on Utilities

With shifting load patterns, significant load declines in a number of areas.

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Recognized in the 2020 Gartner Market guide for Meter Data Management.
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ISO 9001:2015 accredited
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CMMI Level 3 Certified
Esyasoft Platform

Integrated Smart Grid Suite

Esyasoft's Integrated Smart Grid Suite is a cloud integration platform that combines application and data integration. It enables development, execution, and governance of integration work flows among on Premise or cloud-based applications.

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