Last updated: 22.12.2023.

Our Sustainability Commitment

At Esyasoft, sustainability is the governing principle of everything we do for our clients, and for the planet.

In the race towards net zero, we are working diligently towards reaching this goal. We believe that businesses like ours play a crucial role in protecting the planet and achieving a better and cleaner future and quality of life for posterity.

We are passionately committed to driving sustainability and environmental responsibility through our cutting-edge smart metering devices and digital transformation initiatives. We firmly believe that technology plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable future and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our Approach to Sustainability

1. Energy Efficiency

Our smart metering devices and software are designed to optimize energy consumption and monitor all possible consumption deviations to achieve minimum energy wastage. By promoting and facilitating energy efficiency, we help utilities and end users to reduce overall energy consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Data-Driven Insights

We utilize the gifts of technology and deep data analytics to provide insights into energy usage patterns. These insights enable utility operators and end customers to identify areas where they can reduce energy waste (such as excess production or non-revenue water), reduce expenses and improve their sustainability footprint.

3. Remote Monitoring and Control

Through digital innovation, transformation and enablement, we offer hardware and software solutions that help our clients leverage large volumes of data to reduce losses, increase operational efficiencies and decrease energy wastage.