Smart Meter Deployment for a North Indian Utility: A Transformative Success

case study
case study smart metering

Metering Points


Billing Efficiency Increase


AT&C Loss Reduced


Esyasoft has charted a remarkable journey in showcasing the transformative power of smart meter deployment in reshaping energy management for utilities. The utility faced several challenges that hindered the efficiency and profitability of its energy distribution:

  • A staggering ATC (Aggregate Technical and Commercial) loss of over 35%

  • A low throughput rate of less than Rs. 3.5

  • A billing efficiency of merely 50%

  • A customer base of 9,572 consumers with a monthly input energy of 2.20 MU (Million Units)

AMI Deployment

AMI and Analytics solutions where implemented with a comprehensive scope of work designed to address these issues. The project included the deployment of

  • 8,500 single-phase meters

  • 500 three-phase meters

Esyasoft implemented Big Data Analysis and Reporting for a duration of 60 months alongside the supply, integration, testing, and deployment of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with Meter Data Management (MDM) and Analytics Application.


The results, post-investment, were nothing short of extraordinary:

  • Billing efficiency soared to 85%

  • The revenue in 10 months surged from USD 1.5 million to USD 2.5 million

  • ATC losses plummeted from 38.5% to a remarkable 9.6%

smart metering case study graph

The case study reflects the potential impact of smart metering solutions on the utility sector—turning around loss-making scenarios into profitable and efficient operations.