COP28: How Esyasoft played a critical role in the UAE’s main event this year

COP28 Panel

The recently concluded COP28 has been a beacon of hope and action in the global sustainability landscape. In an event marked by groundbreaking initiatives and enduring commitments to tackle climate change, the collective spirit of innovation and collaboration was palpable. At COP28, Esyasoft showcased its products & solutions helping utilities to reduce their Aggregated Technical and Commercial (AT&C) Losses, thereby maximizing the revenues and reducing the carbon footprint.

Having provided unwavering support and making substantial strides towards a greener tomorrow. Esyasoft's innovative net-zero infrastructure and ESG platforms resonates deeply with the ethos of COP28, propelling the agenda for a sustainable future.

The event brought to the forefront the urgent actions needed to combat climate change, with leaders and experts sharing their profound insights on critical topics such as the energy transition, achieving net-zero emissions, and the broader aspects of decarbonization.