Adani announces Smart Metering Joint Venture with Esyasoft

Esyasoft Adani JV

Esyasoft Holdings, a subsidiary of Sirius International Holdings based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Adani Transmission Step-Four, under Adani Energy Solutions LTD, have actively entered into a collaboration agreement. This agreement establishes a joint venture named Adani Esyasoft Smart Solutions Ltd. In this venture, Esyasoft will hold a majority stake of 51%, while the Adani Group Company will own 49%. The agreement, as announced in the exchange filing, ensures equal representation for both entities on the board of directors.

Besides giving us a strong execution edge locally, the JV will open up new vistas in international geographies where the smart metering concept is gaining traction and will aggressively pursue such opportunities.

The joint venture aims to collaboratively bid and execute smart metering projects in India and international markets. With a workforce of approximately 100 skilled professionals strategically located across India, the UAE, the UK, and the KSA, Adani Esyasoft Smart Solutions Ltd is ideally positioned to serve major discoms. Additionally, the venture plans to extend its services to key players in the UAE, including FEWA, DEWA, SEWA, ADDC, and Scottish Gas in the United Kingdom.

This announcement underscores the strengthening partnership between Esyasoft and Adani, highlighting their solid alliance with Abu Dhabi’s International Holding Company. As a significant shareholder in Esyasoft through Sirius International Holdings, this relationship reinforces Esyasoft’s strategic positioning and potential for growth among its key stakeholders.