Transformer Monitoring: Boosting Reliability for a Utility in Central India

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Transformer Monitoring Case Study

Remote Data Collection


Outage Minutes Saved


In the fast-paced world of energy distribution, a Central India Utility faced a significant challenge with overloaded and under-utilized transformers, leading to substantial disruptions and losses within their network. Esyasoft deployed analytics platform into this critical situation, offering a data-driven solution to enhance the distribution network's efficiency and reliability.

Case Study Overview

Transformers within the utility's grid were experiencing imbalances, causing performance issues and potential outages. Esyasoft's advanced analytics platform provided the utility with the crucial ability to identify overloaded transformers before they could fail. Armed with this powerful insight, the utility took proactive measures by upgrading a 250kVA transformer to a robust 500kVA unit. This strategic upgrade not only averted potential outages and load curtailments but also ensured consumer satisfaction remained high.

Key Outcomes

  • The foresight provided the utility to prevent transformer failures and saved an impressive total of 150,000 outage minutes.

  • Eliminated the need for meter readers, achieving 100% billing data availability through remote and automatic processes.

  • The utility benefited from remote auto-disconnection and re-connection capabilities, streamlining operations and reducing manual intervention.

  • Notable improvements were seen in peak load reduction and enhanced load forecasting, allowing for more precise and efficient energy distribution.

  • Ultimately, the utility saw a marked improvement in both reliability and customer satisfaction, solidifying the trust between the service provider and its consumers.


This case study is a clear example of how Substation Monitoring Systems are not just transforming the way utilities operate but are also directly contributing to the sustainability and advancement of energy distribution systems in India and beyond. The collaboration between Esyasoft and the Utility reflects a forward-thinking approach to energy management, where data analytics and smart monitoring converge to create a more resilient and customer-centric energy ecosystem.